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Research Areas

The strategic areas of Materials and Interfaces lies in improving solutions for components and systems. The Research Area’s competences include processing of predictive models on interfaces phenomena among different kind of materials, innovative materials and their chemical – physical characterizations. The applied aspect of the research activities in this area mainly lies in the fields of microelectronics, optoelectronics, sensors for life science, and renewable energies.
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The expertise in Devices and Microsystems Area allows us to carry out the design, development, packaging and characterization of a wide range of innovative devices using silicon-compatible materials. The expertise of this research area include digital and analog imaging sensors, miniaturized devices for application in radio frequencies, life science, energy storage, flexible electronics and photonics. Most devices are produced in house exploiting the six wafer inches micro-fabrication facility.
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Research Area on Integrated System has two main technological fields:
- renewable energies and environment safety;
- complex architecture and 3D environment reconstruction. Research Area expertise include design and development of complex reuse of energy, energy storage, integration of sensors, and innovative methods to analyze data collected during 3D reconstruction.
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